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  1. Tomato Paste

  2. Slice good quality red ripe fleshy tomatoes into electric fry pan

  3. or large saucepan. Bring to boil and stir constantly to stop

  4. sticking. Remove the mixture from the heat, cover and stand to

  5. cool. Push as much pulp as possible through a sieve and discard

  6. seeds and skins. Heat pulp in wide shallow container electric

  7. frypan or jam pan, until it is reduced to less than half its original

  8. volume, stirring occasionally and adjusting heat to avoid burning.

  9. The mixture will splatter as it thickens but this is unavoidable.

  10. Freeze the cooled thick mixture in small plastic bags, or ice trays.

  11. Or bottle into sterilised jars to within 1cm from top, seal with

  12. seal previously soaked in boiling water. Screw on band tightly.

  13. Stand jars in large saucepan or waterbath so they are covered with

  14. water. Process for 10 minutes.


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