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  1. 1/4 cup Chablis or other dry white wine

  2. 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

  3. 4 orange roughy or -- (4-ounce) other lean white fish fillets

  4. 1/2 teaspoon dried whole dillweed

  5. 1/2 teaspoon dried whole tarragon

  6. 1/4 teaspoon salt

  7. 1/8 teaspoon white pepper vegetable cooking spray lemon wedges --

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  1. Preparation : Combine wine and lemon juice in a shallow dish; add fish, turning to coat. Sprinkle fish with dillweed and next 3 ingredients. Cover and marinate in refrigerator 30 minutes. Remove fish from marinade; discard marinade. Arrange fish in a wire grilling basket coated with cooking spray; place on grill over medium-hot coals. Cook 4 minutes on each side or until fish flakes easily when tested with a fork.


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