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  1. Mole de Chilhuacle with Shredded Chicken

  2. 8 chicken breasts, skinned

  3. 32 oz sesame seeds

  4. 16 oz fresh almonds, shelled

  5. 8 oz roasted peanuts, shelled

  6. 4 large Roma tomatoes

  7. 12 cloves garlic

  8. 3 yellow onions

  9. 1 carrot

  10. 10 chilhuacle chilis

  11. 6 pasilla chilis

  12. 3 guajillo chilis

  13. 3 cinnamon sticks

  14. 4 cloves

  15. 1 tablespoon oregano

  16. 8 oz red chili powder

  17. 2 oz sugar

  18. 4 oz vegetable oil (soy or canola oil recommended)

  19. 8-10 cups chicken broth

  20. salt and black pepper to taste

  21. Clean the chicken breasts and place them in a large pot with enough

  22. water to yield a gallon of chicken broth. The mole ingredients

  23. will absorb quite a bit of liquid.

  24. Cut up the carrot, one onion, one garlic clove. Add these as well

  25. as salt and black pepper to taste in the stew pot. Cook for 20

  26. minutes at medium high heat, being sure that the liquid bubbles

  27. but not at a rolling boil. Spoon out the chicken breasts and place

  28. to the side to cool. After the chicken has cooled, pull the meat

  29. from the bones and reserve in the refrigerator. Pour about half of

  30. the vegetable oil into a large saute pan. Mix in the sesame seeds,

  31. almonds and peanuts. Brown these until golden. An alternate method

  32. would be to place the seeds and nuts on a sheet pan and roast in

  33. the oven, turning once for 10 minutes. Reserve the nuts.

  34. Roast the peppers, one onion, tomatoes and garlic on a grill or under the oven broiler until the skins of all are lightly charred.

  35. Take the vegetables and begin to mix them in a food processor with

  36. the seeds and nuts. In a large, dry saute pan, cook the red chili

  37. powder with the cinnamon, cloves and oregano. Place the browned

  38. seasonings in a holding dish. Take the remaining onion, cut it up

  39. and place it in the large saute pan with the remaining oil. Slowly

  40. add the mixture from the food processor and the reserved seasonings.

  41. Cook over medium heat for 20 minutes, adding chicken broth to create

  42. a loose but thick consistency. Add sugar, and stir additional

  43. chicken broth into the mixture. Add shredded chicken breast. Serve

  44. with tortillas, rice and ranchero beans.


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