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  1. 4 tablespoons NESTLÉ LA LECHERA Sweetened Condensed Milk (squeezable bottle) , divided

  2. 1 cup warm milk

  3. 4 teaspoons NESCAFÉ CLÁSICO Decaf Pure Instant Decaffeinated Coffee Granules

  4. 1 1/2 cups ice cubes , divided Sweetened whipped cream

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  1. POUR 2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk in each of two 10-ounce glasses; set aside. COMBINE milk and coffee granules in liquid measuring cup; stir until coffee is dissolved. Pour carefully and evenly over sweetened condensed milk in each glass. Add 3/4 cup ice to each glass. Top each glass with sweetened whipped cream. Enjoy this refreshing drink with a spoon and a straw. Tip: For an adult version, add 2 tablespoons rum to each serving.


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