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  1. Brine Cured Olives

  2. olives

  3. water

  4. canning salt (regular salt makes a cloudy brine)

  5. Wash, pick over olives. Nick all olives deeply lengthwise along

  6. the olive. Put olives into container. Make up a brine in the

  7. 1/4 cup canning salt to

  8. 4 cups water

  9. 2 cups cold

  10. water and 2 cup hot water is hot enough to dissolve salt, but cold

  11. enough not to cook the olives). Make enough brine to completely

  12. cover olives, weigh down the olives into the brine using a Ziploc

  13. bag of water. Cover the container of olives, set on top of a

  14. plate--the olive juice is brown and can stain your kitchen floor if you don't have protection. Soak olives in the brine for one

  15. week, then change brine completely and faithfully once/week, stir

  16. olives with a wooden spoon when you think about it (no biggie if

  17. 3 weeks, keep changing

  18. brine until they are edible (not bitter). Mine are ready after

  19. 4-6 weeks.

  20. If you get mold, yeast, etc, it is harmless if the olives are

  21. covered in the brine. Just rinse your olives, pick out any rotten

  22. olives, scald the container, make up fresh brine and rebrine your

  23. olives.

  24. After the olives have been brined, can add garlic cloves, hot

  25. peppers, bay leaves, lemon, oregano, or almost anything. When you

  26. add flavorings, should store olives in refrig. Olives in the salt

  27. brine can be stored in their crock in a cool, dry place (the garage

  28. would work fine).


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