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  1. 1 hen (or rotisserie chicken )

  2. 1 lb pork , cooked and chopped

  3. 2 cans tiny butterbeans

  4. 3 cans tomato es

  5. 3 cans shoepeg corn

  6. 3 potato es, grated

  7. 1 onion

  8. 2 stalks celery

  9. 1 T Worchestershire Sauce Salt & pepper to taste "Liberal amount of butter " to taste

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  1. Stew chicken and pork until chicken is very tender. (If you use rotisserie chicken, you might need to add a can of chicken broth.) Cook vegetables until tender, add meat. Simmer until it thickens. Add seasonings and optional butter. My personal notes say: “Start with veggies. Cook with the juices from the can, then the meat. Maybe a quarter can of chicken broth.”


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