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  1. -- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.01

  2. Title: Lipton Onion Burgers **

  3. Categories: Ground beef, Beef

  4. Yield: 8 servings

  5. 1 ea Ea Env. Soup Mix;

  6. 2 ea Lb Beef; Ground

  7. Use one of the following Recipe Soup mixes in this recipe: Onion.

  8. Onion-Mushroom,Or Beefy Mushroom Mix.

  9. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients; shape into 8 patties. Grill

  10. or broil until done. Serve if desired, on Hamburger buns.


  12. Prepare patties as above. In an oblong baking dish, arrange 4 patties

  13. and heat uncovered on high (Full Power) 6 minutes, turing patties

  14. once. Repeat with remaining patties. Let stand, covered, at least 5

  15. minutes. Serve as above.

  16. NOTE:

  17. You can cover the dish with paper towels to prevent splattering on the

  18. inside of the oven, but do not cover with any type of lid. Also drain

  19. the grease from the pan when putting in the second batch of burgers or if using regular ground beef, when you turn them the first time. --


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