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  1. 4 To 5 Pounds Pork Spareribs

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  1. + Directions : In spite of their noted preference for Barbecued Beef, Texans barbecue ribs on occasion. Their method is among the most elaborate -- a seasoning rub on the meat first, a basting sauce, and yet another table sauce to produce the rich meaty flavor with the spicy sauce there, if you want it. Yield: 5 To 6 Servings Rib Seasoning Mix (See Bar-B-Q 1 For Recipe) Bone Broth Basting Sauce (See Bar-B-Q 1 For Recipe) Texas Barbecue Sauce (See Bar-B-Q 1 For Recipe) Sprinkle the ribs generously with the seasoning mix, rubbing some of it unde the flap of meat on the bony side of each slab. Brush with the bone-broth sauce and place the rib slabs 4 to 5-inches above a hot fire on a grill with a cover. Brown on one side, baste and turn. Brown the other side, browning well on both sides. Cover the girll, adjusting the dampers so the fire burns slowly, and grill the ribs until done, about 45 minutes. Turn and baste as needed for even cooking. Remove the cover of the grill, bhaste and turn the ribs again, and remove to a serving platter. Cut into serving-size pieces and serve with Texas Barbecue Sauce and coleslaw.


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