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  1. 4 tablespoons ghee

  2. 200 g othmaliye dough, cut into short strips

  3. 1 tin NESTLÉ® Sweetened Condensed Milk or 397 g 2 cups water or 500 ml cup corn flour or 60 g 2 cups sugar syrup

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  1. Preparation Grease the sides and the bottom of a round 25cm shallow baking tin with orange color powder and 2 table spoon of the ghee together (reserve 2 tablespoons of ghee). Put the othmaliye dough over the tray. Melt the remaining ghee in a small sauce pan and sprinkle over the dough. Press the dough by pressing it down with a pot filled with water for 1 hour minimum in room temperature. Remove the pot and bake the othmaliye tray in a 150˚C preheated oven for 20 minutes or until the dough becomes dry. Remove from oven and set aside. Mix in a sauce pan the NESTLÉ® Sweetened Condensed Milk , water and cornflour. Bring to boil with constant stirring until it thickens. Pour the NESTLÉ® Sweetened Condensed Milk mixture over the prepared othmaliye and flatten evenly. Allow Kunafa to rest for 5 minutes before overturning it to a suitable dish. Slice, garnish with crushed pistachio and serve hot with sugar syrup.


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