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  1. 1 lb 454g / 16oz Salmon fillets or steaks

  2. Alder wood chips

  3. Chimney smoker

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  1. This is a method rather than a recipe. The key is to use alder wood, a hardwood found in the Pacific Northwest, as the smoking wood. It is my understanding that in the Pac NW, smokehouses and seafood grills use GREEN alder twigs, but such things aren't available on the East Coast.

  2. Ready a chimney smoker (I made one out of a galvanized trashcan several years ago, but they are currently cheaper to buy than to make!) with a small amount of coals while soaking the alder wood chips. When the coals are glowing hot, drain the water from the chips, place the chips on the hot coals, get the drip catcher and the grate in place, and put the salmon directly on the grate. Close the lid and leave it alone for 6 to 12 hours! The fish will cook at 130 to 140 degrees, and will probably flake when removed from the grate.

  3. This is of a different flavor and consistency than your normal perception of smoked salmon. The fish may be served directly in small dishes with a fresh lemon wedge and a quality toast as an appetizer, or it can be mixed with a little cream cheese, sour cream, and lemon juice as a spread. Use your imagination!!!


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