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  1. Broccoli in Pastry

  2. 750 gr broccoli

  3. 250 gr brie

  4. 1 egg

  5. flaky or Filo pastry sheets

  6. Blanch broccoli remove from heat, run under cold water, drain on

  7. kitchen towel. Lay out pastry sheets. Put small florets of broccoli

  8. on pastry. Dot pieces of the brie on to the broccoli.

  9. Beat the egg and use to seal the edges of the pastry, make into a

  10. pastie. Use remainder of egg as a wash.

  11. 190 c, gas mark

  12. 4 till golden brown,

  13. approximately 20 minutes.

  14. Serve with new potatoes, crisp salad and crusty bread


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