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  1. Refried Beans

  2. This Recipe is pretty authentic.

  3. 1) Soak Pinto Beans overnight in water and then pour off the water and rinse continually until water is clear

  4. 3 hours!

  5. 3) Sautee lots of fresh garlic and chopped onions and add to the beans,

  6. Also add Bay Leaves and Cumin (lots)

  7. Now for the trick:

  8. 4) When Beans are tender add salt to taste, remove from heat and mash them

  9. good with a potato masher etc... Then (remember the trick for making fluffy

  10. potatoes?

  11. Well it works for pintos as well) put the mashed beans into a deep casserol

  12. 1 hour on

  13. 350 degrees.

  14. Muy Saboroso,

  15. These beans will be just like the real thing only no added fats!


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