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  3. Categories: Desserts, Nuts, Italian

  4. Yield: 10 servings


  6. 1 c All-purpose flour

  7. 1/2 c Water

  8. --COUSCOUS--

  9. 1 c Couscous, not instant

  10. 3 c Water


  12. 1 tb Water

  13. 1 ts Almond extract

  14. 1/2 ts Salt

  15. 1 ts Cinnamon

  16. 1 1/2 c Shelled green pistachios

  17. 1/4 c Almond oil

  18. - unsalted and very green -

  19. OR - Mild vegetable oil

  20. --FINISHING--

  21. --

  22. 1/2 c Sugar - finely grated

  23. 2 tb Water Candied cherries

  24. 1/4 c Confectioners' sugar -

  25. 1 oz Semisweet chocolate - (to garnish)

  26. Couscous is normally a savory dish found in Morocco. This unusual dessert

  27. version is the specialty of a small convent in Sicily.

  28. FIRST PREPARE THE PAN for steaming the couscous: For the sealing dough, mix

  29. the flour and water together in a bowl and scrape onto a floured work

  30. surface. Knead briefly to form a rough, sticky dough, adding a tablespoon

  31. or 2 of flour if necessary. Roll into a rope as long as the circumference

  32. of the bottom pan and apply the dough to the rim of the pan. Add water to

  33. the pan so that the water is below the bottom of the couscousiere or colander and press the couscousiere into place. Bring the water to a boil

  34. on high heat, until steam is escaping freely through the perforations, then

  35. lower to a simmer, so that the steam escapes very gently. While the water

  36. is coming to a boil, prepare the couscous to be cooked: Place the grain in

  37. a bowl and add the water. Swish the water through the grain with the

  38. fingers of one hand splayed apart, "raking" through it. Tilt the bowl and drain away excess water. Set aside for 5 minutes. Line the couscousiere

  39. with a dampened napkin or cheesecloth and add the grain. Cover and steam 15

  40. minutes. While the grain is cooking, prepare the flavoring. Half fill a

  41. saucepan with water and add the pistachios. Bring to a boil; drain in a

  42. strainer. Pour the pistachios onto a towel, fold the towel over them and rub to loosen skins. Separate pistachios from skins, going over them

  43. carefully. Combine the freshly blanched pistachios, extract and cinnamon in

  44. a food processor bowl and process for 2-3 minutes, until very finely ground

  45. and starting to become pasty. Add the oil, 1 tablespoon at a time, and continue processing mixture to a smooth paste, stopping the machine and scraping the inside of the bowl 3-or-4 times. Reserve pistachio paste.

  46. After the couscous has steamed 15 minutes, remove it from the couscousiere

  47. in the cheesecloth and put it in a large, non-reactive roasting pan. Spread

  48. it out with a fork and let cool. Combine the salt and water and work it

  49. into the cooled couscous, raking it through with 1 hand. Add the pistachio

  50. paste in 3-or-4 additions, working it in by rubbing it and the couscous

  51. together with the fingertips. Return the water in the bottom pan to a

  52. simmer, and line the couscousiere again with the dampened cheesecloth. Add

  53. the seasoned couscous to the couscousiere, cover and steam 15 minutes.

  54. Remove the couscous to the roasting pan, spread out with a fork, without

  55. compressing the mixture, and leave uncovered until cool. To finish the

  56. couscous, bring the sugar and water to a boil, stirring to dissolve all

  57. sugar granules, and cool the syrup. Work the cooled couscous between the

  58. palms of the hands again to separate the grains and toss in the syrup in

  59. 5-or-6 additions, fluffing the couscous with a fork. Allow the couscous to

  60. dry uncovered, several hours, in a cool place, fluffing it with a fork

  61. occasionally, until all the grains are separate. For advance preparation,

  62. cover tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate up to several days. To

  63. serve, fluff up with a fork so the grains separate well and mound the

  64. couscous on a platter. Sprinkle the couscous evenly with the grated

  65. 5-or-

  66. pieces of the candied fruit. --


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