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  1. 2 cups 292g / 10oz Black walnuts or California walnuts - coarsely chopped

  2. 1/3 cup 65g / 2 1/3oz Softened butter - divided

  3. 1 teaspoon 5ml Curry powder

  4. 3 cups 438g / 15oz Grated sargento muenster or Monterey jack, cheese

  5. 1/2 cup 73g / 2.6oz Sargento blue cheese, crumbled

  6. 1 teaspoon 5ml Dijon mustard

  7. 1 teaspoon 5ml Paprika

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  1. Recipe Instructions Spread walnuts in a shallow pan; dot with 2 tablespoons butter. Sprinkle with curry powder. Bake in a preheated 300F oven for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally to toast evenly. Remove from oven; cool. Chop 1 cup of walnuts finely, reserving remaining nuts. Using an electric mixer, blend the remaining softened butter, cheeses, mustard and paprika. Stir in finely chopped walnuts. Divide mixture in half. Turn each half onto a sheet of aluminum foil; shape each into a log. Roll logs in reserved walnuts; wrap in foil. Refrigerate until firm. To serve, place logs on cutting board; spread on crackers or party rye bread. Note: Can be made up to 2 days ahead.


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