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  1. 2-3 cups pre shredded aged cheddar( can be a mixture if you wish)

  2. 3 green onions sliced

  3. 1 250 gram cream cheese about 1/2 to 3/4 cup sour cream Toasted slivered almonds

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  1. In a food processor add all 4 ingredients and blend until you get a spreading consistency to your liking. Add as little or much sour cream as you wish.

  2. Place in a bowel, put in a pottery container, make a apple shape and top with crushed toasted almonds or slices and put in a steam made of a real apple stem or cinnamon, add a leaf from a branch similar to an apple and serve. Many options have fun and play.

  3. You can top with almonds, walnuts or leave as is. If you have a problem getting the almonds to stick give the cheese ball a light coat of sour cream.

  4. chill and bring out when ready to serve, with breads and crackers.


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