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  1. 1 can instant biscuits the cheaper the better

  2. 1 cup sugar enough oil to fill pan to at least

  3. 1" -- (canola oil is a -- deep -- good choice)

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  1. Preparation : Fill pan with one to two inches of oil, set on md -high heat Open can of biscuit dough, remove one biscuit Poke your finger through the middle of the biscuit dough and wiggle it 'til the dough forms a loose "O" shape. Using the tongs, gently lower the "O" into the pan, do NOT drop it in, unless you want to be splattered with hot oil Fry donut until golden brown on both sides Remove with tongs and set aside to cool on a paper towel Meanwhile, fill the plastic baggie with the sugar When it's cool enough to touch without getting blisters, drop the donut into the plastic baggie Shake to coat and voila! instant sugar donut Repeat until s


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