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  1. 12 Ladyfinger Cookies

  2. 2/3 c Espresso

  3. 3 lg Eggs; at room temperature

  4. 3 tb Sugar

  5. 1 c Whipping Cream

  6. 1/4 c Powdered Sugar

  7. 2 tb Lemon Juice

  8. 4 oz Semisweet Chocolate; finely

  9. -chopped 1 c Sweet Cherries; pitted

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  1. Arrange the cookies in a single layer on waxed paper; drizzle evenly with espresso. Set aside. Using an electric mixer, in a large bowl beat eggs and sugar on high speed until thick and pale; set aside. In a deep, chilled bowl, combine cream, powdered sugar, and lemon juice; beat at high speed until stiff. Fold cream mixture into egg mixture. Arrange half the cookies in the bottom of a wide, 2 quart glass bowl. Cover with half the cream mixture, then evenly sprinkle on half the chocolate. Top with remaining cookies, cream mixture, and chocolate. Cover and chill at least 1 hour or up to 3 hours. Arrange berries around edge of dish. Cut into wedges, then lift out with a wide serving spoon. Per serving: 289 calories, 4.9 g protein, 18 g fat, 30 g carbohydrate, 49 mg sodium, 195 mg cholesterol. Source: Unknown Typed by Katherine Smith Kook-Net: The Shadow Zone IV ~ Stinson Beach, CA


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