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  1. 1/2c Brown sugar; packed

  2. 1/2ts Vanilla

  3. 2 ts Milk

  4. 1 tb Lemon juice

  5. 1/4c Sugar; granulated

  6. 1 pk Cream cheese;

  7. 8 oz softened 1/2c Walnuts; chopped

  8. 1 c Bisquick baking mix

  9. 1/4c Butter

  10. 1 Egg

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  1. + Directions : Fat grams per serving: Approx. Cook Time: :45 Preheat oven to 350F. Grease 8" square pan. Mix brown sugar and butter till well blended. Stir in Bisquick and walnuts till mixture is crumbly; reserve 1 cup. Press remaining mixture in pan with fingers. Bake 12 minutes. Mix cream cheese and granulated sugar; beat in remaining ingredients till smooth. Spread cream cheese mixture over layer in pan; sprinkle with crumbly mixture. Bake till centre is firm, about 25 minutes. NB. Results aren't always consistent (sometimes it's too crumbly or the bottom layer sticks in the pan). However, it's Dad's favorite recipe.


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