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  1. 4 cup Henry's Organic Orange Juice

  2. 1 cup water

  3. 4 drops blue natural food coloring

  4. 6 clean, un-powdered food-grade disposable plastic gloves For the Punch: One can raspberry frozen concentrate Eight cans Henry's Natural Lemon-Lime Soda

  5. 1 bottle Henry's Raspberry Italian Soda

  6. 1 container strawberry, raspberry or mango sorbet One (10 ounce) bag Henry's Organic Frozen Raspberries

  7. 2 pounds dry ice* Ten plastic spiders One bag spider webs

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  1. FOR THE FROZEN HANDS: Mix together juice, water and food coloring. The juice will turn a ghastly green color! Pour the juice into gloves and tie the ends securely (like a balloon). Place on cookie sheet, and freeze until hard. FOR THE PUNCH: Mix frozen concentrate and soda in punch bowl. Add sorbet and raspberries. Remove hands from freezer and cut away plastic gloves. Place hands in punch. Wrap spider webs around punch bowl and add spiders to the web. Just before serving, add dry ice* using tongs or insulated gloves. *Food-grade dry ice is the best way to make spooky punches. It can be safely added into the punch, provided you follow some precautions. Do not add regular ice to the punch. If your guests like regular ice, add to individual glasses only. Use large pieces and be careful not to eat any of the dry ice. Even after the ice has stopped producing “smoke,” it will look like regular ice and float in the punch. Do not ingest these pieces. Allow for two to four pounds of dry ice for each gallon of punch. Dry ice is heavier than ice, and it sinks to the bottom. When serving the punch, carefully ladle it into drinking glasses without any dry ice. Do not touch dry ice directly, but use insulated gloves or tongs. Use a ladle to pour punch into cups without any dry ice and it will be perfectly safe.


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