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  1. Pear Wine, Dry

  2. Crush the fruit in a plastic pail or tub or crock. Add one quart of boiled water that has cooled for about every gallon of crushed

  3. fruit. this is not critical, the more water you add the lighter in body the wine will be but it will have desired alcohol content if

  4. you increase the sugar accordingly. Half Crushed fruit and one-third or one-half added water makes good wine. Let the must stand for about 24 hours then strain through a piece of clean muslin and squeeze out but not too hard. Throw away the squeezed out fruit pulp. boil one-third of the sugar for about two minutes in a half

  5. gallon of water for every gallon of must. Let cool to lukewarm

  6. and add to the must, add the wine yeast or baker's yeast and let

  7. ferment for about 10 days. Siphon the fermenting wine into another

  8. sterilized jug leaving as much of the sediment behind as possible.

  9. Boil one-third of the sugar about two minutes with a half gallon

  10. of water for every gallon of the original must. Let cool and add. Let ferment for 14 days. Boil the last third of the sugar about two minutes with a half pint of water per gallon of the original

  11. must. Let cool and to the wine. Let ferment until all fermentation has stopped. If the wine is clear siphon into bottles or jugs and seal. If not clear, "rack" into another sterilized jug being sure

  12. that the jug is full to the top and let clear then siphon into bottles or jugs. Fill bottles up to about two-thirds of the bottle neck length. Be sure you use a fermentation lock of some kind to keep wild yeasts

  13. from getting into your jug. I use a cap with an extension and run

  14. tygon tubing over into a fruit jar full of water, lets the fermentation

  15. gases escape but nothing gets back in.

  16. You may have to guess at the sweetness of the pears to calculate

  17. the sugar needed. I use a sacchrometer so know exactly how much to

  18. add. Would recommend you visit a decent wine making store. Nearly

  19. every town has one or two nowadays. This makes a fairly dry wine.

  20. If you like it sweeter, add one teaspoon sugar to each quart when

  21. you're bottling the wine. Shake to mix and then cap.


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