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  1. 175 ml vodka

  2. 6 dashes tabasco

  3. 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce pinch black pepper

  4. 2 pinches celery salt

  5. 1/2 lemon , juice only

  6. 1 tsp horseradish , grated

  7. 2-3 sprigs basil , shredded

  8. 1 litres tomato juice ground rock salt , for glass rims sherry celery , sticks basil slices lemons

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  1. The perfect Bloody Mary Method 1. For the cocktail: mix all ingredients, apart from the tomato juice in a shaker, topped up with ice. Strain through the shaker lid into a jug and stir in the tomato juice. Pour the cocktail into salt-rimmed glasses and add a dash of sherry to each.

  2. Decorate each glass with a stick of celery, sprig of basil and slice of lemon.


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