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  1. 1TBsp of olive oil (or enough to coat the bottom of your skillet)

  2. 2 slices of cooked ham from the deli - sliced medium to thick

  3. 1-2 oz. of shredded mozzerella cheese

  4. 2TBsp chopped onion a dash or two of oregano

  5. 2 cups of shredded lettuce

  6. 1-2 slices of tomato

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  1. : 1 coat the bottom of a skillet with olive oil and heat on medium high 2 add a slice of ham 3 sprinkle your cheese on the ham, add onion, and a dash or two of oregano 4 cover with another slice of ham 5 cook on both sides until ham is lightly browned and cheese is melted.

  2. serve on a bed of shredded lettuce, top with tomato 7 salt and pepper to taste 8 Enjoy!

  3. I like to put a tablespoon of mayo on the side to dip my bites into before enjoying. You can also use italian dressing and eat as a salad. Carbs: Less than 5... Not bad for lunch! It is very important when ordering from the deli that you are not buying honey or maple ham which contains sugar and has a higher carb content.


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