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  1. 1 Pt. basket Oregon

  2. strawberries, washed and hulled

  3. 1/2 Pt. whipping cream.

  4. 1 Slosh of Kahlua

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  1. 2" thick slices pound cake Strawberries with Jazzed up Whipped Cream xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx This idea came to me yesterday when I bought my first basket of Oregon strawberries for this season.

  2. Brag all you want about your regional products, but there is nowhere on this earth where strawberries are sweeter or tastier than in Oregon, especially around the Portland metro area.

  3. Whip cream, add Kahlua during final stage.

  4. Place sliced pound cake on a plate, top with berries and slather on whipped cream.

  5. These recipes are of my own creation and I expect (and deserve) appropriate credit when you add them to your cookbook


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