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  1. 300 grammes of lotus root (wash thoroughly, gently scrape the skin and slice not more than 5 mm thick. Discard the points between the sections)

  2. 300 grammes of pork ribs (ask butcher for ribs suitable for stewing soup)

  3. 10 - 15 Red Dates

  4. 100 grammes peanuts (uncooked)

  5. 4 pieces dried cuttlefish (optional. Cut into halves)

  6. 2 1/2 soup bowls of water Seasoning Salt to taste

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  1. Boil water in pot. Upon boiling, add pork ribs. Remove layer of scum on surface of boiling water. After about 2 minutes of rapid boiling and having removed scum, add the rest of the ingredients and bring to boil again for 2 minutes. Cover lid, reduce heat to low and simmer for 3 hours. Add salt to taste before serving.


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