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  1. 1 lb Boneless beef sirloin steak

  2. 1/2c Chopped onion

  3. 1 cn (10 3/4 oz) Campbell's Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup

  4. 1/2c Sour cream

  5. 1/2ts Paprika Hot cooked noodles

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  1. + Directions : Freeze steak 1 hour to make slicing easier. Cut steak into very thin slices across the grain. In a 2 qt. microwave-safe casserole, combine beef and onion. Cover with lid;microwave on high 5 minutes or until beef is no longer pink,stirring once during cooking. In small bowl,stir soup until smooth;stir in sour cream and paprika. Add to beef,stirring to coat. Cover,microwave @ 50 percent power 3 minutes or until heated through. Serve over noodles. Makes about 3 1/2 cups or 4 servings.


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