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  1. 3-cheeses( large bag mozerella, 1 container Parmesan, 2 large containers cottage cheese) If you dont like cottage cheese substitute it with ricotta cheese.

  2. 3 large spaghetti sauces of your choice mine is mushroom,bell pepper

  3. 1/5-3 paks of Lasagna noodles, garlic, oregano,parsley,& Italiano seasonings if you want. Salt & pepper. Cheddar/mozerella for topping.

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  1. How to make it In a large stock put boil water with salt and lasagna noodles.While water is boiling put some wax paper or tin foil onto a flat surface when noodles are done. When noodles are done carefully remove them & put onto wax paper or tin foil. Let cool. While cooling, in a large bowl mix 3-cheese,cottage or ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese,mozerella cheese.Add 1 egg. In a fry pan brown hamburger meat lightly & garlic till cooked.When done ,put into sauce pan with the spaghetti sauce add oregano, parsley or Italian seasonings.that should be on simmer, stir regularly until done. When all three are done the noodles,sauce, the cheeses. You will then get a large casserole dishes it will make 3 casserole dishes so have 3 on hand. First step, is to cover the bottom of pan with meat sauce, then add noodles to cover dish , then sauce & 3-cheeses cover surface of noodles & sauce. Then add noodles ,then sauce & then 3-cheeses.Until you reach 1 inch before the rim leave enough room for the cooking & bubbling of lasagna.I use a flat pan under Lasagna when cooking less mess in oven. Then prepare other lasagna casseroles in same order. Bake for 45- min. to a hour depending on your oven You know how it cooks best. When done you can cut the Lasagna into squares & put onto serving dish or serve as is or on a platter. The other 2- lasagne's dishes cat be cut into squares & put into rubber-maid dishes or plastic ware & put into freezer. Microwave for lunches dinners. Serve with salad and garlic breads. green veggie of your choice.


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