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  1. 1 pound confectioners' sugar

  2. 3 large egg whites

  3. 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar paste or powdered food coloring -- (opt.)

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  1. Preparation : 1. In medium-size bowl, with electric mixer, combine sugar, egg whites, and cream of tartar just until well mixed. At high speed, beat mixture until thick and fluffy.

  2. Cover frosting tightly with a damp towel or plastic wrap while us- ing. If desired, to color frosting, divide into small bowls and mix in food coloring. Note: This frosting is used not only to decorate or spread onto cookies but also as an adhesive. Because of current health concerns about salmonella in raw eggs, frosting on cookies that will be eaten should be made from meringue powder instead of egg whites following package instructions. For purely decorative cookies, we prefer this egg-white frosting over the meringue-powder version because of its stronger gluing property.


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