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  1. 1/3 cup 78ml Olive oil

  2. 1/4 cup 59ml Lemon juice

  3. 2 Garlic - finely chopped

  4. 1 teaspoon 5ml Chicken or beef bouillon - granules

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  1. Recipe Instructions Recipe by: WD's Light Meals in Minutes 1992 page 35 Marinade and basting: Mix the above in a container that will allow you to Note: Dense vegetables need to be precooked (completly or blanched) before *ARTICHOKES: Whole baby artichokes; large artichokes, halved or quartered. *CARROTS: Rub unpeeled medium-sized carrot with marinade before grilling. G *CORN ON THE COB: Pull husk down and discard silk. Brush corn with marinad *EGGPLANT AND JAPANESE EGGPLANT: Cut large eggplant into 1/2-inch rounds o *FENNEL: Cut in half or into thick, lengthwise slices; marinate briefly bef *LEEKS: Cut large leeks in half, leaving enough of the root to hold the ha *MUSHROOMS: Large mushrooms can be cooked on the grill; skewer small mushr *ONIONS: Quarter or slice large onions; skewer small onions. Marinate brief *PEPPERS: Skewer chunks, slice into rings or briefly before grilling. Brush *POTATOES: Slice large potatoes into 1/2-inch slices or quarter them; small *SCALLIONS: Leave whole; marinate briefly before grilling. Grilling time: 1 *SUMMER SQUASH: Small zucchini can be grilled whole; cut larger ones in hal chunks. Treat yellow squash the same, but allow more grilling time, since i *TOMATOES: Skewer small tomatoes; cut larger ones into slices or quarters. *SWEET POTATOES OR YAMS: Cut in half or into 1/2-inch lengthwise slices; m Per serving: 669 Calories (kcal); 72g Total Fat; (94% calories from fat); 1g Protein; 9g Carbohydrate; 0mg Cholesterol; 3mg Sodium Food Exchanges: 0 Grain(Starch); 0 Lean Meat; 1/2 Vegetable; 1/2 Fruit; 14 1/2 Fat; 0 Other Carbohydrates


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