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  1. 6 lb Pork Tenderloin

  2. 1 c Brown Mustard

  3. 1/3c Horseradish

  4. 1/3c Brown Sugar

  5. 1/3c Salt

  6. 1/3c Black Pepper

  7. 4 ea Carrots (stripped)

  8. 2 qt Reduced Pork Broth

  9. 1 c Yellow Mustard

  10. 1/3c Ketchup

  11. 4 ea Cloves Minced Garlic (large)

  12. 1/3c Cummin

  13. 16 ea Small Red Potatoes

  14. 1 cn Pineapple Rings

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  1. + Directions : In saucepan, place pork broth, brown and yellow mustards, honey, horse- radish, kechup, brown sugar and garlic. Cook until simmers and then keep warm, reducing the stock. Grill pork tenderloin, turing to prevent buring while brushing sauce over the meat. Remove from grill when done (170 deg) [about 1 hour on low heat] Grill vegtables and pineapple during last half of the cooking time and serve with the meat.


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