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  1. 2 c Shredded Flank steak or -beef tenderloin

  2. 1 ts Salt

  3. 1 tb Nam pla (fish sauce)

  4. 1/2 c Chili cut into strips

  5. 1/2 c Celery cut into 1 inch -lengthwise

  6. 1 ts Maggi sauce

  7. 1 c Oil "

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  1. "A few years ago, the Chinese restaurant in the Amarin Hotel served this dish which I copied. The Amarin Hotel was a small hotel with personalized services and very popular with many regular guests. I worked for a short time at the dress shop there. The Amarin Hotel is no more, there is a big modern shopping plaza in its place now. The shopping plaza has the first Macdonald Hamburger outlet in Thailand situated there. It is doing very well. I still miss the Amarin." Marinate beef with salt and nam pla for 1 hour. Heat frying pan and cook the salted beef (without oil) for 5 minutes. Remove and drain on paper towel. Heat the oil in a wok over high heat to fry the salted beef strips until crisp. Drain oh paper towel. Heat the remaining oil. Stir-fry hot chili, shredded celery and green onion for 1 minute. Add fired crispy beef. Season with Maggi sauce. Pour onto serving plate. From "Cooking Thai Food in American Kitchens..Book 2 with ASEAN Recipes", by Malulee (Kunjara) Pinsuvana. Copyright pend- ing in U.S.A.. Printed in Bangkok, Thailand by Thai Watana Panich Co. LTD., 1986. Posted by Stephen Ceideberg; February 17 1992.


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