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  1. 2 c Sugar

  2. and something that I added

  3. 1 ts Cinnamon

  4. 1/2c Margarine

  5. 1/2c Milk

  6. make it)

  7. 2 1/4c Oatmeal

  8. 3 c. when I

  9. 2 ts Vanilla

  10. 1/2c Peaunut Butter

  11. 4 tb Cocoa

  12. to this myself)

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  1. + Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies Blend sugar, margarine, cocoa and milk in a Large pan.

  2. Heat on stove over medium heat until well blended.

  3. Bring to a boil for exactly 11/2 min.

  4. Add peanut butter, oats, vanilla, and cinnamon.

  5. Mix well and spoon onto waxed paper.

  6. Makes 31/2 to 4 dozen cookies.

  7. It is important to watch the time that you let this boil, if you boil it too long, the cookies, will turn into hard rocks, and you will probably have a pan stuck with hard stuff, too.

  8. It is important to get the mixture on to the waxed paper as quickly as possible.

  9. This is when the kids, and Teaspoons come in handy. . .


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