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    1. 1 dash vodka , to taste

    2. 200 ml bloody mary mix

    3. 250 g large prawns

    4. 100 ml mayonnaise

    5. 20 ml tomato ketchup

    6. 1 avocado , cut into chunks

    7. 6 cherry tomotoes , halved

    8. 30 g frisee lettuce , shredded

    9. 30 g cos lettuce , shredded

    10. 8 roughly chopped caper berries , reserve juice

    11. 15 ml olive oil

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    1. For the 'Bloody Mary' granita The day before place the Bloody Mix in a shallow bowl and add vodka to taste. Freeze overnight. Two hours before serving mash the granita with a fork to create small crystals.

    2. For the cocktail sauce Mix the tomato ketchup with the mayonnaise and season.

    3. Mix the lettuce, capers, avacado and cherry tomatoes together. Dress with the olive oil and a splash of caper juice.

    4. Arrange the salad between two plates, sprinkle over the prawns and drizzle over the cocktail sauce.

    5. Take a tablespoon of the grantia and serve in a small serving dish alongside the prawn cocktail.


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