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  1. 1 Ham,

  2. 10 - 14 pounds, cooked

  3. 1 Whole Cloves

  4. 1 qt Apple Cider

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  1. + Servings: 24 Remove any rind left on the ham and score the fat diagonally to give a diamond effect.

  2. Insert a whole clove in the center of each diamond.

  3. Place ham, fat side up, on a cooking grill.

  4. Pour apple cider over ham, allowing excess to go into water pan.

  5. Cover and smoke-cook 3 - 4 hours, brushing with glaze occasionally during the last hour of cooking time.

  6. Slice and serve with a variety of cold salads and an off-dry wine such as a white zinfandel.

  7. From The Gazette, 91/06/26.


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