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  1. 1 1/2 litre good-quality vanilla ice cream

  2. 1 - 500g good-quality plum pudding

  3. cup glace cherries , roughly chopped

  4. cup sultanas

  5. cup de-hydrated raspberries

  6. cup chopped dates

  7. cup slithered roasted almonds

  8. 30mls (2 tbsp) baileys irish cream liqueur

  9. 30mls (2 tbsp) cointreau

  10. 150gr (2/3 cup) dark chocolate pieces

  11. 45mls water

  12. Whipped cream

  13. Mixed fresh berries for garnish

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  1. Remove the pudding and chop up into small pieces.

  2. Tip the ice cream into a large bowl and chop coarsely with a spoon.

  3. Add the pudding and dried fruits and nuts to the ice cream, then add the liqueurs, mix gently until combined, but don’t over-mix Spoon the mixture into eight moulds (¾ cup/180ml capacity). Or 1 large 2 litre, stainless steel bowl.

  4. Cover and freeze overnight or until firm.


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