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  1. 30 pm

  2. 13 News Lunchbreak Wednesday August

  3. Sauce

  4. Heavy cream

  5. Chicken stock

  6. Marsala wine

  7. Thyme

  8. Rosemary

  9. Romano and Parmesan cheeses

  10. Other ingredients

  11. Grilled chicken strips (1 chicken breast worth)

  12. Saut?ed shrimp (3 to 6 medium)

  13. Saut?ed pancetta (1/4 cup)

  14. Penne pasta

  15. Saut? in buttered olive oil (a mix of olive oil and clarified butter).

  16. Prepare pasta according to directions on box. Pre-grill chicken breast and slice into strips. Saut? shrimp in hot saut? pan along with Pancetta.

  17. Sauce: Castaldi's keeps its sauce measurements "secret," so our best advice is to prepare your favorite cream sauce according to directions. They did share the secret ingredients! Add sauce, chicken, and pasta to saut? pan. Toss to coat. Serve and enjoy!


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