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  1. Take a good-cut of beef roast, rub a small amount of olive oil on it. Sprinkle generously with Italian Seasoning and fennel seeds. ( Without the two, you will not give justice to these sandwiches!) Double Wrap tightly in foil. Place on a baking sheet and roast in a slow oven until done. Let cool. Unwrap foil, SAVE ALL THE JUICES IN THE FOIL. Thinly slice your roast.(Don't paper thin slice it, slice thin but thick enough to hold it's shape without falling apart.) In a large saucepan, add beef slices, ALL MEAT JUICES, 1 green pepper, chopped and enough beef broth(Don't use bouillon, use beef broth from scratch or canned-DO NOT DILUTE) to cover meat. Simmer for about 30 minutes until the green peppers are tender. Serve on fresh sub rolls. I like my sandwich with slices of banana peppers( vlasic brand) and lots of juice on them. My Dh likes mozzarella cheese melted on his with banana peppers. I make my own sub rolls. They are the best. You won't believe it, until you try them. Sometimes, I half the recipe and they are still wo


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