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  1. 510 g 2 tablespoons 4 tablespoons 1/2 teaspoon 50 g 200g 1 teaspoon Sweet condensed milk Golden syrup Cocoa powder, sifted Salt Butter Toasted cashewnuts, finely chopped Vanilla essence Some colorful glass paper for wrapping

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  1. : Put in sweet condensed milk, golden syrup, sifted cocoa powder, salt and butter into a pot. Stir and cook on low fire till the mixture is very thick (can form into soft ball when drop into cold water). Add the toasted chopped cashewnuts, and vanilla essence. Stir to mix. Pour mixture into a greased 15 cm square tin and press well. Cut into squares when still warm. Leave to cool completely before cutting into neat pieces again. Wrap up with colored glass paper and store in air-tight container.


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