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  1. Cooked beetroot,calvados,gelatine leaf,grapefruit,lemon juice

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  1. sliced the cooked beetroot finely,segment the grapfruit disolve 3 gelatine leaf into a dish with cold water for 10 to 15 minutes.

  2. boiled 500ml of calvados and had your gelatine leaf and wisk to desolve completly in your terrine dish had a layer of beetroot and another one with the grapruit segment till the terrine is complete,poor the calvados over the terrine and press down for the liquid to penetrate the mixture and rest in the fridge for about 3 to 5 hours tips :use cling film or non stick terrine dish for the terrine to come out easly this dish can be served with a light lemon vinaigrette or a watermelon salsa


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