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  1. 4 ts Margarine

  2. 1/2 c Chopped onion

  3. 2 Garlic cloves, minced

  4. 4 oz Uncooked arborio rice

  5. 1 Pkt instant chicken broth

  6. 1 cup hot water

  7. 1 md Tomato, blanched, peeled,

  8. -seeded, And chopped 1 ds Each salt and pepper

  9. 10-inch skillet heat margarine until bubbly and hot; add onion and garlic and saute until onion is soft (DO NOT BROWN). Add rice and cook, stirring frequently, until golden, about 3 minutes; stir in

  10. 1/4 cup dissolved broth mix and cover skillet. cook over medium heat until rice begins to absorb liquid, about 3 minutes (watch carefully so that rice does not burn). Stir in tomato, salt, pepper, and about 1/4 cup more broth; cover skillet and cook, checking frequently, until liquid has been almost absorbed. Continue cooking and adding broth as described until rice is tender but still moist, about 15 minutes (be careful that rice does not dry out completely). Makes

  11. 4 servings.


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