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  1. 3 c Dried black beans

  2. 2 tb Flour

  3. 1/2c Oleo

  4. 1 tb Vinegar

  5. 1 Whole sour orange

  6. 1 sm Onion; chopped

  7. 1 Bell pepper; chopped

  8. 2 Ham hocks Salt and pepper to taste

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  1. + Directions : * (if you used a sweet orange or tangerine) Put your beans in a soup pot and cover with water. Boil, take off the fire and let sit til cool. Cook onions and bell peppers in 1/2 the oleo until limp. Add them and the ham hocks and orange to the cooled beans; cover charitably with water. Simmer until beans is soft (1 to 2 hours). Fish out the orange right now, before it gets tore up. With the rest of the oleo, brown the flour in a black frying pan, then stir it into the beans. Brenda says: "Make sure you got a soup, now. If you need to add some more water, do it.


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