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  3. Categories: Cakes, Desserts, Passover, Jewish

  4. Yield: 16 servings

  5. 1 c Butter; or margarine

  6. 1 c Sugar;

  7. 1 tb Sugar

  8. 1 c Expresso;

  9. 2 tb Expresso**

  10. 1 pk Semisweet chocolate (12 oz)

  11. 6 Eggs; plus

  12. 6 Egg yolks

  13. Confectioners sugar; garnish

  14. can use margarine if it is good quality and pareve,

  15. (if you're serving a dairy meal). **brewed expresso or very strong coffee.

  16. 1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Grease 9 spring-form

  17. pan. Place wax paper on bottom of pan, grease and flour; set aside.

  18. 2. Place butter, sugar and Expresso in the top of a

  19. double boiler and heat until sugar dissolve.

  20. 3. Pour hot liquid over chocolate and stir until

  21. dissolved; set aside. Beat eggs and yolks until

  22. frothy; add to the chocolate mixture and pour into pan.

  23. 4. Bake for one hour; edges should crack slightly.

  24. Remove from oven and cool; cover and refrigerate.

  25. Remove from pan and sprinkle with confectioners' sugar.

  26. HINT: This cake is rich and has NO flour. It is almost

  27. as creamy as cheesecake You should only serve tiny

  28. thin slices.

  29. NOTE: This TORTE can be served at Passover; of course

  30. then you would use Passover Cake Meal to dust the pans

  31. not flour This is Ellen's Trademark Pesadicha dessert.

  32. She has made it EVERY year for Passover for at least

  33. 10 years.

  34. SOURCE: A Jewish Mother's Cookbook; Author, Elaine

  35. Radis; published on disk by ONE COMMAND SOFTWARE, 1995. --


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