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  1. 1 Box lemon cake mix

  2. 2 tb Sugar

  3. 1 oz Brandy

  4. 2 qt Lemon ice cream

  5. Meringue: 4 Egg whites

  6. 3/4 c Powdered sugar

  7. 1 layer. Place the layer on an oven proof plate. The day before, or early in the day, poke holes in the cake and pour brandy over the cake and sprinkle with sugar. Just before serving, beat egg whites until very stiff and add sugar gradually and continue to beat until it stand in peaks. Place mounds of ice cream (shape in half balls) on top of layer and cover COMPLETELY with meringue. Place in preheated hot oven until it browns (about 10 minutes.) At the table, add

  8. 2 oz. brandy to the tray and light. Serves

  9. 8 to


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