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  1. 3 pounds ripe red tomatoes, cored, quartered

  2. 2 tsp kosher salt cheesecloth as needed

  3. 12 cherry tomatoes

  4. 6 small mozzarella balls (called bocconcini), or regular fresh mozzarella cut into cubes

  5. 6 fresh basil leaves

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  1. To make the tomato water: Toss the salt with the tomatoes. Using a food processor, working in batches, process the tomatoes, pulsing on and off, to create a very course puree. Do not over-chop, as you don't want a smooth sauce-like product. Place a large strainer over a non-reactive deep pot or container, and line with several layers of cheesecloth. Pour tomato puree into center of the lined strainer and gather up the edges of the cheesecloth to form a bundle. Tie off the end with kitchen string. Attach the bundle to a long wooden spoon and hang it over the container to drip. Let the bundle hang in refrigerator for 12 hours. Discard the sack (or use it for a sauce) and transfer the tomato water to a smaller container. The tomato water will keep refrigerated for 3 days. To make the cocktails: Freeze 6 martini glasses. Make the garnish by skewering 2 cherry tomatoes with a piece of mozzarella in between each tomato. Rub the rim and inside of each glass with a crushed basil leaf to scent each drink. Place one tomato and mozzarella skewer into each glass. Pour in chilled tomato water and serve immediately.


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