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  3. Categories: Ukrainian, Ethnic, Sidedish, Vegetable, Resort

  4. Yield: 6 servings

  5. 1 ea Onion large grated

  6. 6 ea Potatos peeled and grated

  7. 2 tb Flour

  8. 2 ea Eggs

  9. 2 ts Salt

  10. 3/4 ts Black pepper

  11. 1 pt Sour cream

  12. 1/2 pt Cream

  13. In a large bowl use a mixer to puree the ingredients except the sour

  14. cream & cream. You may do this in a food processor as well or a

  15. blender. Heat oil in a skillet and when hot drop large spoonsful of

  16. the micture. Cook until browned on one side. Turn and repeat. When

  17. done remove, drian, and place in a warm oven. Mix the sourcream &

  18. cream together. Serve warm with a large dollop of the the cream

  19. mixture! This a staple in Ukrainian homes and these pancakes will

  20. store well in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. In many homes preserves

  21. or jam is also served on these delicious pancakes. ORIGIN: Galina

  22. Shovkoshytny, Kiev-Ukraine, circa 1996

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