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  3. Vietnamese Iced Coffee (cà phê s

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  5. Chocolate Chip Butterscotch Biscotti

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  7. fieldsofcake

  8. yes to it all! Now I just need a sugar daddy to get it all for me!

  9. tokyohamster

  10. Thanks so much for this post! I need to put together a nice host gift basket, and he's a total foodie so this list is so useful!

  11. Jennifer M.

  12. Thanks for the great ideas! My mom just got her ugly 70′s kitchen remodeled - and it is gorgeous! Can't wait to give her some new things to put in her lovely new kitchen.

  13. jane

  14. Awesome list! I am like you, I do all my shopping online too!

  15. Just A Smidgen

  16. Oh, I see so many that I would put on my wish list… it would be so tough to give these away:)

  17. musingmar

  18. The iPhone case is lovely. I like the idea of doing more shopping online too.

  19. Mad Dog

  20. Thanks - everyone who likes cooking deserves le Creuset and very cute Farmer's Market Baskets - they look like they should be used for sand castles ;-)

  21. kimberbro

  22. Great ideas!! Thanks!!! Oh, and I think I'll add these to my wish list, too!!!

  23. ceciliag

  24. I am like you, and have not done any shopping yet, mainly because I just seldom shop! Most stuff i make. So a great big thank you from me for doing my shopping for me.. i am about to zoom over to these sites to have a look. thank you honey! c

  25. Mercedes Porter

  26. That iPhone case is so adorable! Great ideas!

  27. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide

  28. This is just too cool. Must share!

  29. Flip's Foodie Files

  30. one of everything please!

  31. Erin Renee

  32. You know, I buy vegetable boullion (never quite remember how to spell that…ha) in the concentrated gel kind of form you find in supermarkets and those containers, once washed and the lable peeled, make excellent spice containers. Plus it lets me be creative making labels for them. Do you have a cookbook suggestion for someone who needs a meat-and-potatoes-all-around-basics kind of cookbook. I was trying to think of what my own suggestion would be. I have a great one for vegetarians, but for meat-ivores, I'm not sure. Is it better to start with Betty Crocker or Better Homes and Gardens or Julia Child? Any thoughts?

  33. Savory Simple

  34. The cookbook that comes immediately to mind is ‘Barefoot Contessa's Back To Basics.' It has a lot of classic, easy recipes.

  35. December 3, 2011

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