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  1. 1 16 oz contai ricotta cheese

  2. 1 cup sugar -- (to 1 1/2)

  3. 1 cup half and half 1 pinch saffron

  4. 3 cardamom pods

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  1. Preparation : Pour out the Ricotta Cheese on to a mixing bowl. Add the sugar. Keep kneading well with your hand or a spoon until the mixture is well mixed. I would add sugar until it just tasted sweet. Not too much as it would get brown. Transfer this mixture on to a caserrole dish and make the surface even. Bake at about 375F for an hour or so until the surface of the rasmalai becomes firm and slightly golden brown. Take a few pods of Cardamam seeds and crush them in a pestle and mortar or your boards. Take a few strands of saffron (this is optional) and mix them in a few spoons of half and half. This should dissolve giving a nice red color and a good flavor too. Add the crushed cardamom seeds and the dissolved saffron on to the cup of half and half and mix it well. When the Rasmalai has cooled , cut it into cubes ( or diamonds ) . Pour the Milk mixture over it and chill . You can add the flaked Almonds as a garnish. This is a great dish and I would add more half and half if you need more.


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