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  1. Capricorn: The practical and prudent Capricorn might snack on homemade apple chips - inexpensive and healthful!

  2. Aquarius: Original and inventive, an Aquarius might try their hand at homemade pork tacos with pineapple salsa .

  3. Pisces: Compassionate and kind, a Pisces might bake chocolate chip cookies, brownies and chocolate pots de creme for the ones they love.

  4. Aries: Aries are said to be adventurous and energetic - they'll need a stash of homemade walnut trail bars to pack along on their adventures.

  5. Taurus: Patient, reliable and warm hearted, a Taurus might take comfort in sharing hot chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream and marshmallows .

  6. Gemini: Adaptable and versatile, the easygoing Gemini is likely to plan ahead with good snacks to go - whether it's school, work or the gym.

  7. Cancer: Imaginative, creative and intuitive, a Cancer cook might experiment with Vietnamese rice paper rolls with peanut sauce .

  8. Leo: A broad-minded and creative Leo might branch out with homemade huevos rancheros for dinner.

  9. Virgo: Practical and diligent, a Virgo might make oatmeal-flax crackers from scratch for a healthful snack.

  10. Libra: The romantic Libra might mix up a batch of indulgent a batch of chocolate peanut butter bars to share with someone they love.

  11. Scorpio: Adventurous and passionate, a Scorpio might simmer a cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate with Dulce de Leche Spiced Cream .

  12. Ophiuchus: A healer interested in medicine, the newly-appointed Ophiuchus might mash up a batch of heart-healthy winter guacamole .

  13. Sagittarius: The good-humored, daring Sagittarius is likely to have some fun with their food, and might try their hand at homemade marshmallows .


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