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  1. 1-Can Cinnamon/Orange Rolls (Eight Count)

  2. 1-Reg. size Can Yams

  3. 12-(Large-sized) Marshmallows

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  1. To make the "MINI LOAF PAN BREAD BASKETS": (Recipe makes FOUR, Mini Bread Baskets/Boxes!) ~~Prehat oven to 350-degrees. ~~SIMPLY...take apart the eight, pre-cut cinnamon rolls (and with rolling pin, "roll" over them enough to "double" their lengths, then CUT them in half) and line the (greased) mini loaf pans (crosswise--in straight lines) allowing the ENDS to hang over sides of pans. NOTE: I used four strips PER pan (three across the width of the pans, and one across those, lengthwise. ~~BAKE at 350-degrees for ONLY five minutes (allowing the Bread to RISE well.) ~~REMOVE pans from oven. ~~LOAD the bread-lined pans with (LARGE) Yam Chunks and about four Marshmallows, then lap the ends over the top to "meet" one another. ~~BAKE at 350-degrees for about 8-10 MORE minutes! ~~Top with the (already provided) Orange Sauce! SIDE BITE: Garnish with Fresh Oranges! SIDE BITE: THESE can be filled with Cook's choice of ...ANYTHING!


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