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    1. 1 baked 8-inch round cake

    2. 1 baked 13- x 9- x 2-inch cake

    3. 12 baked cupcakes

    4. 8 cups frosting (white, blue and yellow) Necco wafers (pink, green and purple)

    5. 2 green Necco wafers and 2 blue M&M's for eyes Shoestring licorice eyelashes Fruit by the Foot mouth Colored sugar

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    1. Cut and arrange the cakes as shown in the small photos.

    2. Frost the mermaid's tail blue and cover it with Necco wafers. Frost the head and body white and the bikini top blue.

    3. Add the candy eyes and mouth. Frost the cupcake curls yellow, then sprinkle on colored sugar for marine sheen.


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