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  1. 1 Peanut Oil

  2. 2 medium Apples

  3. 1 package Wonton Skins

  4. 10 ounces Cheddar -- Sharp, Cubed --GARNISHES

  5. 1/2 cup Brown Sugar

  6. 2 tablespoon Cinnamon -- Ground

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  1. Preparation : * Core the apples and cut into small pieces. Mix the brown sugar and cinnamon together and set aside. Preheat the peanut or vegetable oil in a deep fryer or other pan used for deep frying. Wrap a piece of apple and a cube of cheddar cheese in a wonton skin and seal according to the directions on the package. Deep fry until golden brown. Coat with the brown sugar - cinnamon mixture and serve. This is good served hot or cold.


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